High Intensity Motorcycle Safety Lights

Finally, there's an affordable, easy to install, front safety light for your motorcycle.

The Photon Blaster is an extremely bright, highly conspicuous, yellow lighting system for the front of your motorcycle.
Its brightness, color and unique features dramatically increase your motorcycle's visibility to approaching traffic.

The intelligent light for the intelligent rider.

A motorcycle without the Photon Blaster

The same motorcycle with the Photon Blaster

Note the triangular shape created by the headlight and
Photon Blaster
LED modules.

Motorcycles are hard to see. They are much smaller than cars, and their single headlight often gets lost in the background.
Drivers are unconsciously looking out for other cars, and even if they see a motorcycle, they sometimes don't really register it, and ignore it.
It is also hard for many drivers to judge the closing speed and distance from a motorcycle if they see only a single point of light.

The Photon Blaster is specifically designed to maximize the visibility of your motorcycle. The Photon Blaster adds two high-intensity yellow LED light bars on either side of your front wheel. The brilliant yellow color helps your motorcycle stand out and the extra, distinct lights arranged in a triangular pattern with the headlight helps oncoming drivers judge how far away you are and how fast you're approaching.

A unique and extremely effective feature of the Photon Blaster is that the LEDs flicker. The flicker rate has been chosen such that it maximizes your motorcycle's visibility, without being distracting. Utilizing a high-speed microprocessor and fast-acting, high-intensity LEDs, the Photon Blaster takes advantage of the difference in persistence of vision between  the eye's central field of view and its peripheral view. When viewed directly, the Photon Blaster LEDs appear not to flicker, yet when seen out of the corner of the eye, they have a just-noticeable flicker, significantly enhancing your motorcycle's conspicuity.

The Photon Blaster is easy to install, and works on any motorcycle. Two double-row LED modules are mounted either to existing fender bolts on either side of your front wheel or to the brake calipers. In spite of the extreme brightness of these 24 LEDs, they weigh only 1 ounce apiece and so do not adversely impact your bike's handling.

The lights come complete with all necessary mounting brackets, hardware and electrical connections to connect to any switched 12 volt source on your motorcycle. Simply connect the two LED modules to the controller with the included connectors, then attach one wire from the controller to +12 volts and the other wire to a ground connection. A typical installation takes 30-40 minutes. A comprehensive installation manual is included.

Unlike high power halogen lamps, the highly efficient Photon Blaster consumes only 2.5 watts, less than 1/20th of what other auxiliary lights draw. The low current draw of the design requires no relay, and because the lights come on with the ignition, no power switch is needed.


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